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Funded projects

multilingual information for the uniform interpretation of the instruments of judicial cooperation in civil matters
15.09.2015 - 31.12.2017
Collection and development of best practices in cross border cases for the survival of distressed companies
01.02.2016 - 31.01.2018
Brussels Ia and Transport
01.02.2016 - 31.01.2018
unalex Compendium on Regulations Rome I and Rome II
01.06.2011- 31.05.2013
European Commentary on Brussels I Regulation
12.02.2008 – 12.12.2010
Feasibility study on the creation of a european research network
01.04.2005 – 31.07.2006

Create your own project

unalex provides special support for research projects in the area of European private international law and offers project teams planning to collect case law of the courts of the EU Member States and / or further materials a special

Research environment

For the construction of individual case law databases and other sets of information unalex offers:

  • A fully developed technical infrastructure, including:
    • International case law database technique
    • Interlinking of scientific content
    • Easy tools for project cooperation over the internet
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unalex has developed a special technique for multilingual international case collections, including:

manifold search options for the detailed identification of cases per

  • unalex own citation system, ECLI-number, case file number
  • Articles of legal instruments
  • systematic search per State, date, groups of legal instruments
  • full text search over original case texts and legal meta-information

detailed multilingual case meta-information, consisting in:

  • case headnotes
  • case keywords
  • case summaries

The unalex case information is mainly developed in the languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Adding of further languages is possible (CJEU cases are produced in multiple languages already).

  • Content management, providing:
    • Full use of the unalex case law and other unalex content
    • Individual project support, in particular creation of new case law
    • Long term sustainability beyond project termination
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Compose your own international case law database and research environment

Select / create cases for your database

  • individual selection of all cases existing in the unalex case collection
  • unalex supports your database with the creation of new cases

Prepare your cases for your project

  • add project-specific texts and comments to each case in your database
  • display your cases with or without the further unalex information – case keywords, headnotes and / or summaries

Create your unalex project workplace

  • reserve access to your project site to project partners / authorised third parties
  • equip your project site with individually selected unalex content
  • create project content over the internet
  • Publication of projects on the unalex platform, offering:
    • Interaction with other European pil research projects and other interested parties
    • Publication of project results in the unalex project library
    • International dissemination
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Use the project site for communication purposes

Address unalex users – researchers, judges, practitioners –

  • present your project
  • inform on project events
  • ask for project related support or cooperation
  • use the unalex newsletter to inform on your project

Include your project to the unalex project library

  • Ongoing access to your project
  • International dissemination of project results via online-publishing
  • Complex publishing of project results

unalex offers the unique publishing option of joint development of your international project data and project results and of publishing them together as one complex work. The idea of the unalex project library is to create a publishing environment where complex research projects can be stored over time and remain accessible in their entirety.

In the unalex research environment you can base your project on the results achieved by past projects and coordinate with other ongoing projects. Over time, unalex has grown to over 8,000 cases in the unalex case collection. Use this rich content and let you project further add to it.

Provide sustainability to your project. The aim of unalex is to provide the European area of justice with multilingual information on all legal instruments of European private international law. Let your project merge to the unalex pool of international legal information.