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Project unalex

Co-funded by the European Union


unalex – multilingual information for the uniform interpretation of the instruments of judicial cooperation in civil matters

Project coordinator:

Professor Andreas Schwartze

University of Innsbruck

  • University of Innsbruck (Applicant)
  • IPR Verlag, Germany (Co-Beneficiary)
  • Università degli Studi di Genova – DDG, Italy (Co-Beneficiary)
  • Právnická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, Czech Republic (Associate Partner)
  • SIA “Rígas Juridiská augstskola”, Latvia (Associate Partner)
  • Universitat de València. Estudi General – Departamento de Derecho Internacional, Spain (Associate Partner)
  • University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law, Croatia (Associate Partner)
  • Marion Hodac, France
  • Apostolos Anthimos, Greece and Cyprus
  • Egle Zemlyte, Lithuania
  • Professor Mateusz Pilich, Poland
  • Professor Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves, Portugal
  • Ioana Burduf, Romania
  • Erik Sinander, Sweden
  • Professor Ales Galic, Slovenia
  • Ana Maria Ruiz Martin, Spain
  • Professor Tuulikki Mikkola, Finland
  • Professor Ian Refalo and John Refalo, Malta
  • Professor Kasper Steensgaard, Denmark
  • Veerle van den Eeckhout, Belgium/ Netherlands
  • Professeur Gilles Cuniberti, Luxemburg
  • Professor Gabor Palasti, Hungary
Project period:

15.09.2015 - 31.12.2017


University of Innsbruck

Innrain 52

6020 Innsbruck


Professor Andreas Schwartze

Project description:
  • Expansion of the unalex international case collection to coverage of all European legal instruments of judicial cooperation in civil matters
  • Extension of language versions of case headnotes (en, de, fr, it, es)
  • Updating of Compendia, translation of Compendia titles, drafting of new Compendia
  • Dissemination and awareness raising will bring the availability of the unalex case collection to the attention of judges, lawyers, and notaries in all Member States
  • This will provide the grounds on which legal literature evaluating the European practice of the legal instruments can be based; the project will promote the development of such literature through the setting up of a Network of Authors. In order to facilitate its creation, topic related conferences will be organised.
unalex conferences on European international civil procedure
Zagreb, 29/30 September 2016
  • Minutes of the first unalex conference Zagreb
  • Conference Flyer
  • European Leading Case series (Thomas Simons)
  • CLOUT system - current status, way ahead (Monica Canafoglia)
  • Innovative Strategies for European Legal Literature (IPR Verlag)
  • Exiting an ever closer system - consequences of BREXIT (Eva Lein)
  • Third States relations (Mathijs ten Wolde)
  • The public policy exception in the European civil justice system (Susanne Gössl)
  • European Enforcement of Judgments (Vesna Rijavec)
  • Horizontal harmonisation of instruments of European civil procedure (Georg Kodek)
Genoa, 24 February 2017
  • Minutes of the second unalex conference Genoa
  • Programme unalex conference Genoa
Riga, 23 June 2017
  • Minutes of the third unalex conference Riga
  • Programme unalex conference Riga
  • Article 1(2) e) Rome Convention / Article 1(2) f) Rome I (Monika Pauknerová)
  • Pitfalls in the application of Rome Regulations in Greek summary proceedings(Apostolos Anthimos)
Valencia, 08 September 2017
  • Minutes of the fourth unalex conference Valencia
  • Programme unalex conference Valencia
Innsbruck, 24 November 2017
  • Minutes of the final unalex conference Innsbruck
  • Flyer unalex conference Innsbruck
  • Invitation and programme final unalex conference Innsbruck
  • Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses – a long and winding road to effectiveness (Marie-Elodie Ancel)
  • Conventions on particular matters in the European Area of Civil Justice: Article 71 Brussels Ia Regulation in the case law of the EU Member States (Achim Puetz)
  • Service of documents abroad in the aftermath of the Alder judgment C-325/11 (Apostolos Anthimos)

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